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Live Music & Rock Posters

#ACLFest2018 starts this weekend with an influx of visitors from across the world to celebrate all things music and rock and roll. Austin, TX is known as the live music capitol of the world and what better place than here to discover live music tradition.

Strait Music Company

Strait Music Company has been part of the Austin music scene since 1963 and has played a critical role in shaping Austin music talent for decades. From top of the line gear, incredible staff, to lessons, Strait provides it all. They also provide space for legacy.

Blanton Stuart

In a small corner of their high end guitar room lies a tribute to a man of music. Not in the traditional sense of an artist, but a legacy of Austin, Tx music history and the shows that span decades of the Austin live music scene. The private collection of rock posters was owned by my father, Blanton Stuart. His love of live music made him the ideal Austinite and the room provides a small glimpse in to that passion. From a young age I realized my parents were rockers. Waking up on Saturday mornings were filled with the sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, and many more, all at eleven. Nights were energized with the likes of venues such as Antones, Liberty Lunch, Saxon Pub, Armadillo World Headquarters and ACL Live to name a few. Every show he attended from the 1960's forward he acquired a show poster to memorialize the event. For the shows he couldn't get one on the day of, he scoured the interwebs tracking them all down. Dad loved rock posters so much that we only found it fitting to memorialize him in his own rock poster. It hangs amongst some of the great Austin TX shows of decades past.

Recently, the family gathered for a small, private opening of the room to share stories of our father, the impact he had on all of our lives, and the music that formed him and this city in to what is today.

Whether you're attending #ACLFest2018 or not, take a moment and think of your favorite show and the people you shared it with. Don't ever let that feeling go. Music is within all of us, and is part of our story.

Special thanks and immense gratitude to Clint & Robert Strait as well as the incredible staff of Strait Music Company for their tireless efforts to create this tribute to the man, his love of rock & roll posters, and the Austin TX music scene. Drop in and see them for any and all of your music supply and lesson needs, and while you're there, take a peek in to the guitar room.

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